Vendor Programs

Maximize profitability

MAC Financial Services, Inc. offers several vendor programs to help eliminate or at least minimize the competition. These programs vary depending on the type of equipment and dollar amount.

Our mission and primary goal is to help our dealer network increase sales, maximize profitability and improve overall service. The MAC team of sales, service and training associates are made up of professionals with over twenty five years of success in equipment financing and leasing. This background leads to a strong understanding of your needs as well as your customers.

Some of the most popular and successful programs include:

  • Application only up to $300,000, Same Day Approvals (no financial statements or tax returns required)
  • Zero percent financing (36 months with a 10% blind discount from the vendor. Instead of discounting the equipment to the customer use zero percent interest to close the deal)
  • Express Lease ($5000 – $100,000, no financials, 1 page application, 15 minute approvals)
  • Express Lease Plus ($50,000 – $300,000, no financials, 1 page application, same day approvals)
  • Express Lease Max ($300,000 – $5,000,000, credit decisions within 3 business days)
  • Personal sales support with multiple contacts and numbers (one on one contact through the entire purchasing cycle with continuous progress updates)
  • Marketing support to help create more sales opportunities (Joint marketing for trade shows including pre-show and post show mailings, along with support at the trade show to answer financing questions and accept credit applications on site.)
  • Available training for sales representatives to utilize financial tools (on site sales seminars to discuss the benefits of financing as a sales tool)
  • Customized Finance Programs, exclusive to VENDOR
    (MAC Financial will design a custom exclusive financing program for your customers to benefit from)
  • On Line Credit Application
    This can be linked directly to your site. The online applications allow access to same day credit approvals while demonstrating your equipment or providing a presentation. Eliminate wasting your valuable time working with clients that can’t afford your equipment.

In addition,

MAC Financial offers joint marketing for upcoming trade shows to every vendor we work with, which includes pre-show and post show mailings, along with support at the trade show to answer questions and receive credit approvals. Vendors will be paid immediately for all equipment sold at the show and financed through MAC Financial Services, Inc.

On-site training for sales representatives is available for those interested in increasing their”Closing Ratio.” (“Leasing as a Sales Tool”)

Over 80% of business equipment sold in United States last year was financed. Over fifty percent of the amount financed was actually leased. Leasing preserves cash flow and offers several tax deductions. Offering Leasing or Financing to your customers is a proven sales tool.

Working with MAC Financial Services, Inc. is simple and easy. Finding a finance company that understands and has the resources to satisfy your financing needs, is very difficult. Provide MAC Financial Services, Inc. an opportunity to “Expand your business horizons” and your search will be over. MAC Financial Services, Inc. firmly believes the relationship is more important than the transaction.

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